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Kintaro Hattori founded the Seikosha clock factory in Tokyo in 1881, selling and repairing clocks. From 1910 onwards, Seiko was making its own balance springs, and in 1913 was producing its own wristwatches. The company was at the forefront of quartz innovation and unveiled its first quartz watch, the Astron, in 1969, and the first LCD digital display watch in 1973. Today it is best known for its sporty Prospex collection, the Astron which was the world’s first GPS solar watch, and the Presage that combines a Japanese aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship.

The brand has a separate entity called Grand Seiko where everything is developed, designed, and manufactured in-house.

Five interesting facts about Seiko

  • Kintaro Hattori’s grandson, Shinji Hattori, is the current president of Seiko.
  • The name Seiko means success and exquisite in Japanese.
  • The brand’s current Astron is a solar-powered GPS timepiece that automatically changes time zone with its user’s movements around the globe and is powered by light alone.
  • Seiko is the timing partner of the International Association of Athletics Federation, IAAF, and a partner of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, PADI.
  • Famous people spotted wearing a Seiko include Novak Djokovic, Darya Klishina, General Schwarzkopf, Landon Donovan, Sigourney Weaver, and Kristen Stewart, among others.

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