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Jaquet Droz

Pierre Jaquet-Droz started his watchmaking career in the 1730s and 1740s making grandfather clocks on a small farm in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. He took his creations to Spain where he experienced great success, which in turn gave him the funds to create more clocks, watches, and automata. In 1774 he opened a workshop in London from where he could export his creations to China, India, and Japan.

The company was purchased by The Swatch Group in 2000. Today Jaquet Droz is best-known for its off-centered dials and automata timepieces that include the finest horological decorative arts that are all executed in-house.

Five interesting facts about Jaquet Droz

  • Jaquet Droz’s humanoid automata are considered by many to be examples of the very first computers.
  • When Pierre Jaquet-Droz first presented his automaton of a dog guarding a basket of apples to the King of Spain, the King reached out to take an apple and the dog started to bark so naturally that the King and his courtiers thought it was witchcraft and fled from the room.
  • The overlapping subdials of many of Jaquet Droz’s timepieces form the number eight, considered lucky in many cultures.
  • Jaquet Droz has a decorative arts workshop in its manufacture with the skills to do miniature painting, enamel, paillonné enamel, and engraving.
  • Famous people spotted wearing Jaquet Droz include Michael Jordan and Luke Bryan.

Brand ID Card

Established: 1738
Company status: Public limited company of the Swatch Group
Senior Management:
– Marc Hayek, Chairman
– Christian Lattmann, CEO
Number of employees: Over 100
Flagship collections:
– Grande Seconde
– Automata
– Ateliers d’Art
– Grande Seconde
– Loving Butterfly Automaton
– Petite Heure Minute Tiger
Retail prices in USD: From USD 8,650 to 1,080,000
Annual production: Undisclosed

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