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Jacob & Co

The Jacob & Co. story started in 1986 when Jacob Arabo, a young man from the Ex-USSR, arrived in New York City and started an apprenticeship in the world of jewelry. Arabo always loved watches and started producing his own collections in 2001 with the Five Time Zone collection that featured five time zones.

In 2007 he opened his own watch headquarters in Geneva and today he is recognized as one of the boldest watch creators in the watch industry, combining the highest horological savoir-faire with incredible designs and spectacular gemstones. Key collections include the Astronomia, Twin Turbo Furious, Opera, Epic SF24, and the new Bugatti.

Five interesting facts about Jacob & Co.

  • Jacob Arabo donated one of his Astronomia Sky timepieces to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for auction at its fourth annual event in Saint Tropez. The watch, worth USD 580,000 dollars, was sold for USD 750,000.
  • The Quenttin collection was named after the first customer who bought it. During initial discussions about the watch, Jacob Arabo told the customer, “If you buy it, I’ll name the collection after you.” And he kept to his word.
  • Jacob & Co. has a strong following in the music industry and is mentioned in over 70 songs.
  • The brand created a tourbillon watch called The Billionaire with 260 carats of diamonds and it sold to boxer Floyd Mayweather.
  • Famous people spotted wearing Jacob & Co. watches and jewelry include Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Hudson, Pharrell Williams, Madonna, and Michael Jackson, among others.

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