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The Maurice Lacroix Aikon brims with urban style, making the latest ML Crew member, Simon Nogueira, a perfect match for the brand. Simon, a free running specialist, wholeheartedly embraces the urban landscape and can be frequently seen hanging from a tall building, secured merely by the tips of his fingers. He is also the proud owner of the new Aikon Urban Tribe, the ideal companion when partaking in such daring pursuits.

When most people visit a new city they walk among the locals, meander along various streets and occasionally look up at the tall structures in their midst. Simon Nogueira, a 27 year-old Parisian, prefers to ascend high buildings, eager to reach the top and view the world from above. However, he doesn’t use lifts, preferring to climb the exteriors of buildings using solely his limbs. There is no safety net and no room for mistakes. Simon’s timing and precision must be perfect at all times.

Avid followers of social media have the opportunity to glimpse into Simon’s world and see several examples of his escapades, courtesy of the GoPro affixed to his body. However, be warned, watching Simon can prove very addictive. In fact, he is now a Tiktok sensation with over 3.5 million subscribers. His most popular video attracted over 180 million views.

When presented with the opportunity to have a Maurice Lacroix watch as part of his role as an ML Crew member, Simon selected the new Aikon Urban Tribe. This limited-edition watch features a laser engraved case and bracelet. The various motifs adorning the watch are inspired by the architecture populating the world’s urban landscapes, an arena where Simon feels most at home.

Many lines and curves adorn the steel surfaces of the watch, engaging with light and delivering sublime tactility. The engraved motifs also resemble tattoos, a popular means of self-expression. Likewise, Maurice Lacroix hopes the Aikon Urban Tribe means something to the wearer, a watch that sits close to the skin and feels at one with its owner.

Simon is acutely aware of his senses and surroundings. When balanced on a ledge of a building, high above the streetscape below, he has a heightened sensitivity to noise, smell and touch. Each sense acts like a guardian, protecting him from harm. His chosen clothing does not inhibit free movement and nothing on his person hinders him as he leaps from one building to the next. Rest assured, Simon’s new Aikon doesn’t hamper him when he is in pursuit of thrills!

The Aikon Urban Tribe measures 42mm in diameter. Its engraved steel case upholds the Aikon’s reputation for ergonomic design, delivering impressive levels of wearer comfort. The sun-brushed Clous de Paris dial is equipped with luminescent hour and minute hands, a central sweep seconds hand and a date indication. All information is clearly conveyed. However, beyond its functional qualities, there is an overriding sense of style, a characteristic familiar to all Aikon owners.

To the rear of the watch, a pane of sapphire crystal affords sight of the automatic ML115 calibre. This movement is embellished with circular graining, snailing and Côtes de Genève motif. The rotor is engraved with the same patterns adorning the model’s watch head and bracelet.

Whether freerunning enlivens your soul or you simply wish to enjoy city life, the Aikon Urban Tribe will prove the perfect companion. This watch is limited to just 500 pieces. Join our tribe – your time is now.

Price : USD 2,150 / EUR 1,990



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