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This is WATCH THE WATCH, a new series uncovering the most iconic watches seen on screen. From cult classics to new releases, we uncover the cinematic presence behind the cameras. In this week’s edition, we uncover the cinematic devotion between Jessica Chastain and the Maison, Piaget.

It was the week that Jessica Chastain made the internet scream. It was the Venice International Film Festival, and if we weren’t already shook by the first red carpet reunion of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck since they rekindled, no one saw the viral video of the Interstellar stars’ arrival coming. 

Promoting the upcoming drama miniseries, Scenes From a Marriage on HBO, Chastain along with her co-star, Oscar Isaac took to the floor and proved that Hollywood PR is still golden. Stretching her arm delicately across Isaac’s shoulder, he caresses it before kissing the crook of it and a thunder of cameras flittered with excitement. 

The duo, both Juilliard School alumni and reportedly close friends are set to appear in the novel series this Sunday, a raw and delicate portrayal following the dissolution of a middle-class marriage. A rude-awakening into adult life, an adaptation of the Swedish film director, Ingmar Bergman’s conception in 1973, sees Chastain and Isaac embark on a emotional voyage to explore the painful fissures in marriage The second time Isaac and Chastain have played on screen spouses together, the first in 2014’s A Most Violent Year, their long-term amity was confirmed with a savvy seductive foray on the red carpet that will undoubtedly have fans Googling their names and being traction to the film’s release. One of the oldest tricks in the book. Like so

Chastain’s prowess, both on and off screen, lends itself to her fierce advocacy to promote the empowerment of women, often playing the role of characters who subvert gender stereotypes. Her acting style feels philanthropic of her greater moral intentions, championing feminist ideals. To mark the launch of her next gruelling iteration, a tableau of marital grief and familial angst, we reprise Chastain’s role in the 2016 thriller, Miss Sloane.

Directed by John Madden, renowned for Shakespeare in Love (1998) and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011), the political drama follows the life of the gutsy lobbyist, Elizabeth Sloane, played by Chastain, one of the most sought after power brokers in Washington, D.C. Caught between opposing a bill that places regulations on firearms, Miss Slaone, on the  contrary, supports a boutique firm that supports the law. Placed in a hostile position and determined to win the case, she conjures a large group of enemies who threaten to overthrow her career and her well-earned reputation for victory, as a powerful female figure. 

Screenshot courtesy of FilmNation Entertainment

Set out to do whatever it takes to win, Chastain’s character is steadfast and firm from the start. Political lobbying brings high stakes, and Miss Sloane isn’t the kind to let it conquer her, rather her it. Indicative of her success, Miss Sloane is aptly dressed in iconic Piaget pieces throughout the film. As an international ambassador for Piaget, joining the helm in 2015, the actor can be seen wearing a Piaget Dancer timepiece, formidable like its owner, with a diamond encircled bezel with 36 diamonds enclosing the dial, with  an18k white gold case and bracelet. Apposite of Chastain’s strong-willed character, the Piaget Dancer is a machine of precision and dedication, with a hand-wound mechanical movement. 

But of course, in her cruise of success, she’s got more than one. Sporting the Piaget Traditional Oval watch, a smaller statement in 27 x 22 mm, 18K white gold and set with 24 brilliant-cut diamonds, the ultra-thin calibres and quartz movement forms a neat, yet refined mechanism for the wrist, assuming the role of a delicately crafted bracelet that is understated yet efficient, much like Miss Sloane’s attitude.

Screenshot courtesy of FilmNation Entertainment

And it would be silly to stop there, right? After all, she is the ambassador. To complete her penchant for Piaget, Chastain wears two sets of earrings, the first , Couture Précieuse earrings in 18k white gold with 80 cut diamonds, and the second, a further 80 diamonds. Go hard or go home. For a woman who spends the entirety of her time working in the film, she’s never without a pair of diamond earrings. For the Maison Piaget, adept in creating charismatic pieces tha decorate the body with a manner of confidence, the watchmaker-jeweler strives to work in a horological world unconstrained by boundaries. Put simply, the perfect pairing for Jessica Chastain.

Screenshot courtesy of FilmNation Entertainment


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