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In the northern hemisphere, June 21 is synonymous with the beginning of summer. It is an opportunity to see the horizon brightening and to remember the meaning behind the solstice.

While the bleakness that has swathed over society in the past year continues to creep alongside us as we attempt to navigate life in tow with the pandemic, there is brightness – literally – ahead as today marks the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. 

A moment to honor the sun and the overarching energy it gifts to us, the summer solstice is regarded as the longest day of the year, and the shortest in the southern hemisphere, officially marking the beginning of summer. 

Deriving from the Latinate phrase ‘solstitium’ meaning ‘sun standing still,’ the sunlight festival is a period of radiance and warmth to assuage the darkness of 2020. As humans, governed by time and its cyclical structure, the summer solstice brings more daylight hours to enjoy and officially marks the start of a new season.  

In Glashütte, Germany, a town occupied by time with a thriving economy dependent on watchmaking, the sun rises at 4:51am and sets at 9:22pm on the June 21, 2021.Home to the luxury horologists, Nomos, renowned for their functional yet minimalist timepieces, founded after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, will salvage in the festivities, by marking the celebration of the blue hour. Valued as the time period when the sun is four to eight degrees below the horizon, this distinctive spell is a moment of merriment: one for raising a toast, capturing a photo, or the union of friends.  

Nomos Tangente

To mark the global affair and this cherished moment in time before the sun bids farewell, Nomos’ Tangente model honours the seasonal shift, with a model fashioned from sapphire crystal glass, boasting large typography on the face with two tempered blue hands.

And while the turn of the summer solstice signals the sun’s recline from moving northward in the sky, and with that, the slow pursuit of shorter days to come, this edifying time in our calendars confirms that even in the depths of darkness, there will always be the return of the light.

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