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Launching a spaceship outside of the Earth’s atmosphere this week, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is shaping the future of tourism and our relationship with life beyond Earth.

Only a very few handful of us are lucky enough to experience the view of the Earth from outer space. But Richard Branson wants to change that. Founder of the airline and railway company, the British mogul launched Virgin Galactic make in 2004 with the intention to alter the landscape of 21st Century spacecraft and those who can experience it first-hand. 

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A product of 17 years of tenacity and rigorous development, Branson is set to make headway in creating tourism in space with the successful flight to the edge of space and back in less than an hour. 

In the dawn of cosmic competitiveness, Branson’s milestone comes just days ahead of the rival launch from figurehead, Jeff Bezos. Broadening the capabilities of tourism, this year Virgin Galactic will be offering a limited number of tickets for spacelights, in the hope to encourage more opportunities in becoming astronauts while decreasing the exclusivity of the experience.

Almost over 3000,000 above Earth, the spaceship is a playground of future freedom, to experience the extravagance of weightlessness and the beauty of the planet through the ship’s 17 windows. Not only this, 16 cameras are positioned throughout the cabin to capture the magnitude of every moment. 

Flying high above New Mexico from Virgin Galactic’s 27-square-mile Spaceport and center for operations, the founder labelled this journey as “the experience of a lifetime.“I have dreamt of this moment since I was a kid, but honestly nothing can prepare you for the view of Earth from space,” he said in a press conference shortly after arriving back. “The whole thing was just magical.”  At the vanguard of this new industry, Branson fuses a sense of egalitarianism in a landscape so commonly associated with barriers in the hope to bring change one and for all.



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