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Wearing meteorite on the wrist fascinates watch addicts. Mysterious ancestral stones coming from space, collided with the watch planet, crossing the atmosphere to adorn watch dials.

Rolex, Omega, Hermès, Louis Vuitton or Piaget, many brands succumbed to these alien beauties.
What is the appeal of this space material?

  • Its texture
  • Its minerality
  • Its geometric pattern
  • Its uniqueness.

And the meteorite tells a magical story: a billions-year-old space mineral, projected across the solar system, entered planet’s orbit and hit earth’s surface. On a dial, meteorite reveals a hidden side: characteristic patterns called Widmanstätten. Unique designs from nickel and iron alloy, crystallized in meteorite. This space mineral arouses aesthetic emotion.

As on De Bethune DB28XP Meteorite, with its blued line structure dial, typical of ferrous meteorite. Rolex chose meteorite for its Cellini Moonphase and its GMT-Master II. Louis Vuitton Escale Spin Time from a block found in the Namib desert. Omega Speedmaster with mythic stardust.

Special watches for fans of rare pieces from light-years away.



After graduating in journalism and communication, Nina has worked as a copywriter for watchmaking brands and editorial agencies for the past 15 years. At The Next Hour, she researches, writes and creates engaging content for various channels (digital, video, and social media).