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Located in the heart of London’s City centre, the newly commissioned Marble Arch Mound is leading the way for greener tourism.

While the term “immersive” has been somewhat of a tired buzzword over the past few years, needless to say, as we emerge from our global hibernation, we’re craving it now more than ever before. In a call to these sensory prayers, a brand-new installation is set to open this month at the infamous London landmark, Marble Arch.

Leading the pathway to greener tourism

A return to civilization always had to come back with a spectacle, lifting us from our homes and out into the world once more. Dubbed as the Marble Arch Mound, this summer in the British capital city, visitors will be able to experience the magnificent hybrid between technology and nature. 

The next chapter of sculpture, the Marble Arch mound will deliver a meaningful experience to conjure the imagination of its guests for a greener and more eco-friendly future. Offering a park-life landscape, boasting a 25-metre-tall viewpoint with mesmerizing views over Oxford Street and the cusp of Hyde Park, the Mound is a symbol of futuristic endeavours, fusing architecture and sustainability.

Credit: Courtesy of MVRDV

Conquering global issues with architects MVRDV

Staged amongst the cosmopolitan district, notoriously the crux of London’s shopping scene, the Mound provides an experience of the great outdoors in the city’s centre like never before. For visitors of this novel invention, comes the opportunity to climb through the greenery designed by the leading Dutch architectural firm, MVRDV with Winy Maas, Jacob Van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries. 

The urban vision, created under the company’s manifesto to resolve global issues, is built on a scaffolding base with layers of soil and plywood to hold the structure. With a hollowed centre, encouraging space for exhibitions and displays, the user experience is the focal point of its inception, for users to climb and be amongst 360-degree views. 

The visually arresting composition stands proudly neighbours next to John Nash’s arch, not only drawing people back to the city centre and promoting the tourism that was stripped so abruptly from this thriving city, but a greener step toward attracting nature and proving that even the most concrete of jungles are starting – finally – to pay heed to the natural world. 

Click here to book tickets for the Marble Arch Mound opening this month. 

Credit: Courtesy MVRDV


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