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In anticipation of the holiday season, discover a selection of haute horological novelties for your stocking fillers that won’t break the bank.

No matter if you’re a Patek partisan, a Rolex royalist or an advocate for Audemars, when all is said and done, the price tag is a hefty one. While we might be dreaming and drooling over a vintage Cartier Crash to be under the tree, you may as well gift wrap a mortgage and put it under there too. So if a watch is something you’re dreaming of, we’ve got covered with some watch-inspired novelties to get your hands on to satiate your horological hunger in the meantime. 

Day-Date Bauble

Courtesy of Liberty

If it’s your first ever Day-Date, hold it up high and pride of place on the tree. You deserve it. And as we all know, watches aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for life. So hang it up for all the 364 days of the year that aren’t Christmas too. An investment piece, for a fraction of the OG Day-Date price. It comes in “stainless steel” and “yellow gold” options too. Hans Wilsdorf be proud. 

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Watch Jewellery 

Courtesy of Nicerio

As the history books will confirm, a watch isn’t just for the wrist. On the wall, on a chain, the possibilities are endless. Who else saw Kacey Musgraves drop a ringwatch for her concert merch collection this year? Are they making a comeback for 2022? Jeff Bezos will have one at your door tomorrow.

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Alarm Clock Candle

Courtesy of Zvakiuaura

What do they say about time management and burning the candle at both ends? Well, now you can burn your own candle rather than yourself with these miniature alarm clock candles. The added bonus? You won’t feel like Phil in Groundhog Day, silencing the alarm clock with a flurry of frustration in the morning.

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Bezel Bracelet

Courtesy of Parts for Watch

Prior to my appointment in the watch world, a bezel was simply the circular thing around the watch face. I didn’t realise it’s importance as it neatly holds together the mechanical ingenuity in a delicate circle. But never underestimate the bezel, it’s the frame that holds a portrait together and dramatically alters the appearance of a watch. If you’re on a journey to buying your first watch, get yourself a Bezel bracelet and you’re almost halfway there.

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Timepiece for tea and cake 

Courtesy of Bake 'a' Lou's

It’s the season of eating your bodyweight in food, after all. And who said cakes just had to be for birthdays? This way, you can get the exact reference number you actually want. But don’t forget to eat it.

A clock-turned-cap 
Courtesy of Pres Preswear

It’s old news that you don’t need your watch to tell you the time anymore, especially with the advent of smartphones. Rest assured that with this garment, you won’t be able to tell the time at all. Rolex President fans, this one’s for you. Bringing a whole new world of meaning to watch straps.

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