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This is WHO WORE WHAT, a series spotlighting the hottest wrists of the week, documenting the classic, the chic, the weird and the wonderful watches over the past seven days. 

What is it about celebrities that makes us want to stop and stare and see what they’re wearing? Either way, we’re happy to oblige and gawk in awe, amaze and shock(!) at their wrists to see exactly who is wearing what. In the week that families reunited for Thanksgiving, snow began to fall and the House of Gucci reviews came in – we wince– discover the wrists we’ve been tracking from the stage to the sofa, in this week’s haute horology picks from the likes of Tyler the Creator and Nicki Minaj.  

Nick Jonas in Richard Mille 

Courtesy of Richard Mille and @nickjonas

If you’re looking to master the art of  procrastination, look no further that the Jonas Brothers Roast on Netflix. Spotted on the wrist of the band’s youngest member Nick, an avid fan of Richard Mille , sits the RM 11-01 dedicated to none other than Roberto Mancini. Designed around the nerve-wracking periods of extra time that undoubtedly amass in a football game, the watch was designed as a technical instrument that could assist a manager during extra time, when the remaining minutes are no longer displayed to the players, or their manager.A tool for victory, the Mancini-dedicated timepiece is a paragon of inventiveness and excellence – all with a neon green crown and case  (we thought it was like the pitch too.)

Price: $250,000+

John Legend in Rolex 

Courtesy of Rolex and @johnlegend

Nothing screams a modern classic like John Legend’s Rolex Daytona Platinum with pavé diamond dial. Its full name, a Cosmograph Daytona was originally designed to meet the needs of racing drivers by measuring the elapsed time and thus calculating the average speed. At the heart of racing in the early 20th century, Daytona in Florida was widely regarded as the city of speed, hence the model takes it name,.Evolution of the Rolex Chronograph continued over the next 20 years until, in 1963, the brand launched its first Daytona model. John Legend might like a nice lambo or two, but he’s into singing rather than speed. In place of the tachymeter bezel, therefore, sits 36 baguette-cut diamonds, and a dial of 437 round diamonds, exposing the hour, minute and second hands. He might not be using the watch the calculate time, but it sure enough transcends it.

Price: N/A 

Nicki Minaj in Rolex 

Courtesy of Raymond Lee Jwellers and @nickiminaj

Another one on ice, Nicki Minaj’s Rolex is one for the magpies amongst us. Making horological history back in 2016, buying a Rolex for her then partner, Meek Mill. On her own wrist, when she’s not sporting a custom diamond Patek Nautilus, she’s wearing a  Bustdown Datejust 41 Reference 12630. Created in 1945, the Rolex Datejust was designed in commemoration of the brand’s 40th anniversary as a company. At that time, the Datejust was only available in 18K yellow gold with a waterproof Oyster case that was first introduced in 1926, as it still does today. Considered the first automatic wristwatch with a date-displaying window that would automatically change come 12:00am, the movement was a trailblazing step forward in watchmaking at the time.

Price: Many, many, many starships. 

Drew Barrymore in Cartier 

The Cartier Tank fan club goes far and wide. Jackie O, Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana, Michelle Obama, and Charlie’s Angel herself, Drew Barrymore. Watch zealots amongst us will take great joy rejoicing in that time Barrymore wore two watches on her wrist at the same time (!) back in 2014 at a Refinery 29 LA bash. She donned a Chanel Premiere and a Cartier Tank Solo. 

Launched in 1917 by Louis Cartier, founder of the brand, the Cartier Tank is regarded as one of the brand’s most iconic models, given its design that pays homage to the French tank, Renault FT-17. The inception of the model appears to be somehow both rectangular and square. Given its iconoclasm, Cartier has produced variations on the Tank theme throughout time, of which the Tank Solo on Barrymore serves as an arbiter of modernism. The Solo honors the Tank collection’s unique look with the iconic crown set with a synthetic cabochon-shaped spinel, Roman numerals and sword-shaped hands in blued steel, powered by Cartier’s quartz movements. Simple, but very effective. 

Price: $4,750

Mark Wahlberg in Patek Philippe

Courtesy of Patek Philippe and @markwahlberg

Another one to add to Mark Wahlberg’s unseemingly never-ending collection of Patek’s, with the brand new Patek Philippe 6002 Sky Moon Tourbillon. A watch that does absolutely nothing by halves, you can work out a lot from this double-faced wristwatch. For instance, the date, with a perpetual calendar and retrograde date hand, moon phase, hours and minutes of mean solar time, day, month, leap year by hands. And on the reverse? Sidereal time, and a sky chart including phases and orbit of the moon. Is Mark Wahlberg even into astrology? Who the hell knows. But donning the second most complicated Patek Philippe wristwatch to be created, he won’t be short on sharing a fun fact or two just by looking at his wrist. Released this year, featuring the same 12 complications and 2 dials of the 6002G that was made in white gold and released by Patek in 2013, the case, pusher, lugs and clasp are all hand engraved. Not to forget, it comes with a pair of matching cufflinks. Will the wonder ever cease? 

Price: $1,600,000


Tyler the Creator in Cartier 

Courtesy of Bulang & Sons and YouTube

It looks like we’re heading in the direction of no Cartier, no Tyler. He won’t be short of ‘Runnin Out of Time’ any moment soon, given the impressive collection of vintage timepieces the rapper is wracking up. Hawkeyes amongst us will have peeped – and paused the television to squint for hours – to master which model the OFWGKTA star was wearing  on his wrist. From his recent acquisition of the Cartier Obus Quadrant, a highly unusual watch that boasts numbers outside of the watch dial. But, that’s not TTC’s most obscure one yet. Introducing the Cartier Duoplan, a 1920’s rectangular ladies wristwatch with white enamel face with batons, numerals and blue steel hands, 18ct yellow gold case and double leather bracelet and enamel and gold clasp made by Cartier to house a commissioned Jaeger-LeCoultre calibre 104 Duoplan movement developed and made for Cartier. According to Bulang & Sons,  “the complete movement is the same size as a sharpened point on a pencil. The movement contains 98 parts and measures just 14×4.8×3.4mm and was so difficult to make that only 50 were produced each year- And it weighs less than 1 gram! Queen Elizabeth wore a similar watch for her coronation in 1953, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101. This watch has the world’s smallest movement and it was housed in an elegant diamond bracelet.”

Price: $5,000.00



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