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Piaget presents two exceptional timepieces of jewellery: Piaget Polo Skeleton, with white gold case (42 mm) set with 268 brilliant-cut diamonds (~2.43 cts), self-winding mechanical ultra-thin skeleton manufacture movement 1200S1, white gold bracelet set with 1478 brilliant-cut diamonds (~10.04 cts) and Limelight Gala Aventurine, with white gold case (32 mm), bezel set with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds (~ 1.66 ct), aventurine glass dial, self-winding mechanical manufacture movement 501P1, Milanese mesh white gold bracelet. Limited to 300 pieces.

Piaget Polo Skeleton: when master watchmakers work with master jewellers
With wafer-thin mechanics and a paving of diamonds, the new Piaget Polo Skeleton showcases the maison’s mastery of high watchmaking and jewellery arts. Diamonds will do everything in their power to attract the eye, but even 1746 brilliant-cut gemstones cannot quite distract from the 1200S1 self-winding ultra-thin skeleton manufacture calibre at the centre of the Piaget Polo Skeleton.

A watch for the present time
When Piaget created the Piaget Polo back in 1979, the Maison wanted to create a sophisticated watch for every day, a watch that would incorporate all the Piaget design codes that are synonymous with style, casual elegance, and freedom, and that brief hasn’t changed. The Piaget Polo is an ode to the charismatic, to the trendsetters, the risk-takers, the celebration makers, who live life to the full.

Always innovating, always improving
One of the world’s thinnest mechanical self-winding movements, the 1200S1 is not only skeletonized, but it is also ultra-thin at only 2.4mm. It is the pinnacle of the art of skeletonization at Piaget.

The slate-grey movement is based on Piaget’s famous ultra-thin automatic 1200P, which took more than two years to transform into the 1200S skeletonised version. This transformation into an open-worked movement was achieved by removing a large portion of the metal, leaving just the essential for perfect timekeeping.

From the 1200S, Piaget continued to perfect and improve the movement, always striving to do better, which resulted two and half years later, in the next skeleton movement generation, the 1200S1.

Among the many improvements and updates, the 1200S1 features a regulating device that provides increased resistance to magnetic fields. Like the 1200S, and the 1200P before it, this version also has an offcentred oscillating weight at 8pm, allowing a maximum amount light into the movement through two sapphire crystals, front and back. It is this play on light and contrast that defines this timepiece with its multiple layered depth within an ultra-thin calibre.

Despite the intricate appearance of the pared-down components, the Piaget Polo Skeleton features 44 hours of power reserve and a water-resistance of 30 metres.

High Jewellery Expertise
The 42mm white gold case of this watch, which measures a mere 7.35mm in thickness, has been adorned with 268 brilliant-cut diamonds and comes with a white gold polished and satin-finished ‘H’ design integrated bracelet that has been set with a further 1478 brilliant-cut diamonds. The entire setting takes over 61 hours to complete and is achieved thanks to a unique savoir-faire where the diamonds are cut-to-measure before being set. This attests to Piaget’s expertise in high jewellery and gem-setting, where the artisans in the “Atelier Extraordinaire”, work together in the creation of exceptional pieces.

Piaget Limelight Gala Aventurine: The sparkle of extravagance
Let yourself be transported to the stars with this limelight gala aventurine, an icon that has found inspiration in the magic and mystery of the night’s sky.

At Piaget, a timepiece is first and foremost a piece of jewellery. From the case to the dial, the bracelet to the gem-setting, each Limelight Gala timepiece is brought to life thanks to the talents of Piaget’s artisans who never stop innovating. The Limelight Gala Aventurine is a celebration of this creativity and savoir-faire.

A feminine icon
The name of the collection evokes the famous Piaget Society and its fabulous parties where celebrities, artists, clients, and friends of the brand would gather to share joyful moments. Initiated in the 1970s, the Piaget Society came to life at a time when creative imagination was at its height.  This is when Piaget created jewellery watches with extended lugs. Today, the Limelight Gala collection draws on a wealth of inspiration from this fascinating period and has firmly established itself as a feminine icon.

The beginning of a new story
The Limelight Gala design is more than just a shape; its asymmetrical lugs, cambered case, and expert setting of diamonds are the signature style of the collection, which is made for free-spirited women whose radiance shines effortlessly. More than a timepiece, the Limelight Gala is a statement. More than jewellery, it is the beginning of a story, where each creation becomes one with its keeper and they shine as one.

Get lost in starry nights 
Housed in a 32mm white gold case adorned with swirls of 62 diamonds set on two elongated lugs, the Limelight Gala Aventurine features a magical aventurine dial. A type of glass dating back to 17th century Venice and the famous glass-making quarter of Murano, aventurine includes the addition of copper oxide to glass, which mimics the stars in the galaxy. As a fitting tribute, the origins of the word aventurine, come from the Italian for “adventure”.

The art of the bracelet
The sparkle of aventurine and diamonds is paired with a sophisticated white gold Milanese mesh bracelet. Crafted with the same refinement and creative extravagance as an haute couture gown, this intricate bracelet takes over 100 hours of craftmanship by no less than eight of Piaget’s artisans. It all starts with one gold thread, which is then shaped in a spiral and weaved together to create a supple fabric of gold. Each bracelet is formed by 366 spirals and a sliding buckle, to provide comfort and an extraordinary flexibility.

The Limelight Gala Aventurine is not only beautiful on the outside, its refinement continues on the inside with a manufacture, self-winding Calibre 501P1.



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