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Step aside with Trilobe Fantastic Night, with 7-pieces steel case (40.5 mm), grained silver, black, night blue or Secret dial (personalized version with a starry sky), self-winding X-Centric caliber, alligator strap. 24-month warranty.

Trilobe, an urgent invitation to take your time! But what for? For a fantastic night! To take possession of life passionately! To quiver with refinement, to live and to open up to one’s destiny! leave your usual shell, to feel the adrenaline rush, to open up to the world around us with new perspectives, let time surprise us, live every minute without wanting to master them! Here is Nuit Fantastique, a new escapade!

Creation of Nuit Fantastique  An evening of lockdown, while the world that surrounds us shackles us with rules and prohibitions, a thunderbolt comes to split the night sky. Here is the advent of a new Trilobe creative passion, timeless and mysterious! Thank you, Stephan Zweig*, for inspiring this Nuit Fantastique! * Stephan Zweig (1881-1942) – Austrian novelist, playwriter and biographer, author of the novel a Fantastic Night (1922).

Architecture & Movement  After freeing up time, Trilobe frees up space, a new architectural gesture. Contemporary and classic, «Nuit Fantastique» is a plunge into the deconstructivism called «New Modern Architecture». An architecture that invites to rethink freely: new geometries, atypical forms, movement and dynamism! This unconventional architecture shakes up what we know, disturbs our way of conceiving forms and their functions. It is a new movement that advocates the go beyond the traditional patterns.

The Watch  The design of this creation favors minimalism and plays with perceptions. The elegant, grained dial is a real technical challenge, underlying the watch elegance. It defies symmetrical shapes and is made up of four parts, three of which are in permanent rotation. Raw and uncluttered, this unstructured dial opens three distinct windows: The largest ring for the hours; the minutes wheel that appears within an aperture and the seconds wheel, which alternates between a “Clous de Paris” center and an azured ring. The intertwining of the minutes and seconds gives a glimpse of the infinite and the time that goes on endlessly, within a satin-finished and polished in-dial bezel. A new touch of universality and timelessness that is part of this time set in motion, always counterclockwise, an X-Centric conception of watchmaking dear to Trilobe. With a sober and elegant 7 pieces steel case and a resistant sapphire crystal, this creation unveils a new interpretation of the passage of time by Trilobe.

The X-Centric caliber, automatic movement and hallmark of the brand  Nuit Fantastique is equipped with the X-Centric caliber, a signature automatic movement developed exclusively for Trilobe. Mirror of the brand identity, this caliber enhances architectural geometry: a contemporary distinction with a refined design. Its harmony brings refinement and modernity to the collection. Integrated into the X-Centric caliber, the 5.78mm thick micro-rotor movement combines finesse and technical performance.

Trilobe Nuit Fantastique is available in silver, black, night blue and «Secret».

Prices: USD 10,560 and USD 13,560



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