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Swatch drops four new Big Bold colors into the mix, with Bioceramic case (47 mm), transparent printed dial, quartz movement, bio-sourced strap.

Swatch gets bold with its multi-colored drop of the Big Bold Bioceramic that dials up the summer vibe. Two-thirds ceramic, one-third bio-sourced plastic derived from castor oil, Bioceramic is the latest brand innovation.


Lightweight, resilient and resistant with a silk-like touch ­ this new material unites the best of both worlds. With its 47 mm diameter case the Big Bold is ideal to showcase Bioceramic to the fullest thanks to the steep internal wall that pulls the focus to the hands and the architectural structure of the see-through case complete with quartz movement.

These models follow on from the more muted colorways launched earlier last month. The case, bezel and crown are made of Bioceramic material, while the bracelet, glass, and loops are made from bio-sourced plastic. There are four fresh new looks to choose from “Blite” white with pops of light blue and orange, “Limy” blue with gray and lime accents, “Orack” black with flashes of orange and white, and “Diversipink” in pink with gray and blue detailing.

Price: USD 125

Discover these summer-ready colors and playful mixes.

Bioceramic is a new material, mixing 2/3 ceramic with 1/3 bio-sourced plastic. Only few months after the first bio-sourced Swatch launched in September 2020, the brand presented its latest innovation: Bioceramic, a new and unique mix of ceramic and bio-sourced plastic. By the end of 2021, all key Swatch product lines will further explore the use of Bioceramic.



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