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Classic and affordable watches for the season, discover Orion 33 gold and Orion 38 silver, with steel case (33 and 38 mm), domed sapphire crystal glass, polished, galvanized with gold or silver-plating, rhodium or gold-plated applique and hands, manual-winding Alpha caliber, Velour leather gray or anthracite strap.

These are watches for a special time. The famous Nomos Glashütte classic, Orion, is now available with dials in silver and gold. Orion 33 gold and Orion 38 silver, to give their full names, make the perfect watches for gifting— beautiful, valuable, but not exorbitant.

Subtle, with a hint of glamour. Just when it’s needed? Who knows, we may revive the Golden Twenties after all. A hundred years ago, people celebrated life and an economic boom. Then, just like now, people were looking forward to diving headlong back into life. Orion harks back to the original Glashütte master design. Not the minimalist design of recent years, but rather a watch made the way aspiring master watchmakers did at the Glashütte School of Watchmaking—with a silver case, hand-polished dial, and indexes applied by hand.

Available in two sizes, these glamorous yet restrained watches can be worn by everyone. The smaller version flaunts a feminine gold, while its larger silver cousin, bearing golden indexes, can be worn by men and women alike. Their dials are polished and galvanized (gold- and white silver-plated, respectively), with faceted applied indexes. Perfect to gift together, but naturally each is also available individually. What is more: Both versions offer the option of custom engravings.

Prices: USD 1,920 and USD 2,260

In anticipation of the Golden Twenties: Orion 33 gold and Orion 38 silver. Classic, with just the right touch of glamour, an ideal match for wedding rings and jewelry. These watches hark back to the original Glashütte master design—and yet retain their modernity.



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