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Swatch dials up the Holiday Cheer with this striking Swatch X Peanuts Holiday Special, with a bold mirror dial in a red bio-sourced case with a red silicone strap. It features some of the all-time favourite Peanuts classics: Snoopy on his doghouse on the dial, white dog bone clock hands and a black-and-white all-over comic-strip print. This watch comes packaged in a detailed dog bowl design. The watch dial contains an embedded NFC chip that allows access to Peanuts comic strips via an NFC reader on a smartphone.

Time is what you make of it, and the holidays are about spending quality, carefree time with friends and family, having fun and making memories together. The Swatch X Peanuts Holiday Special does just that for fans and puppies worldwide with its latest release, CHOMP, which celebrates Snoopy, the most famous beagle on the planet, and his loyal and loveable friends.

The limited-edition CHOMP packs the color punch that Swatch is known for and takes inspiration from the Peanuts comic strip. With a 41mm case, the New Gent watch features a bio-sourced case and glass and bursts with holiday cheer.

Black and white Peanuts strips run end-to-end on the bracelet and depict Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and the gang building snowmen, sledding at speed and having fun. While the red background, multi-colored festive lights on the loop and dial decorating Snoopy’s doghouse, bring an extra pop of joy.

Swatch loves to bring an unexpected twist and smile to people’s faces, and CHOMP delivers thanks to the specially designed packaging that transforms into a stainless-steel dog bowl once the watch is removed. After all, the holidays are the perfect time to give back and make people (and pets) feel special.

Branded with Swatch X Peanuts, the red dog bowl features black Schulz line drawings of Christmas trees, dog bones and Peanuts characters playing in the snow.

Price: USD 150

CHOMP is available online and in Swatch stores alongside other exciting holiday styles and will come with a special surprise.



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