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Bulgari Watches presents Magnifica High-End Watch 2021 Collection, upscale unique pieces expressing the Roman Jeweler of Time’s consistent commitment to the supreme value of magnificence, which deeply informs its forward-thinking vision and outstanding creations.

Beauty, craftsmanship, and inspiration converge into extraordinary works of art, a reflection of Bulgari’s maestria in the research and use of the world’s most precious and rarest gems, glorified by the boundless creativity of its designers. Guided by Fabrizio Buonamassa, Bulgari Product Creation Executive Director, they explore innovative solutions and transform inspirations from an array of different worlds into exciting ideas.This unequivocal mastery is expressed through the peerless craftsmanship of the company’s master artisans, also leveraging the Rome-based Maison’s Swiss matchmaking expertise to deliver four breath-taking “secret watches” offering the ultimate reflection of Bulgari watches’ iconic style.

Representing the most expensive and precious timepiece that Bulgari has ever produced, the Ruby Metamorphosis watch was designed as a set with the namesake necklace, embodying the bold, unapologetic and sophisticated spirit of the Roman Jeweller of Time. Crafted from platinum, this one-of-a-kind secret watch, which required 1,650 hours to complete, features a dial concealed by a cover dominated by a stunning antique cushion-cut 6.3 carat Mozambique ruby, whose intense red tone evokes the shades of a magnificent Italian sunset. The bracelet sensually wraps around the wrist through an intricate construction mingling baguette-cut rubies and diamonds set to convey ultimate suppleness.

Magnifica Ruby Methamorphosis, platinum high-jewelry secret watch, set with 48 baguette-cut rubies (~7,32 cts), 146 baguette-cut diamonds (~19,78 cts), 3 brilliant-cut diamonds (~1,32 ct) and pavé-set diamonds (~4,80 cts).

Designed in combination with the matching necklace, the Celestial Sky watch celebrates Rome as an eternal source of inspiration for Bulgari. The vibrant blue shade of the oval-shaped 6-carat Sri-Lanka sapphire standing out on this extraordinary platinum secret watch recalls the signature hues of the Roman sky. Curved lines and bold volumes, evoking the sinuosity of Baroque motifs, define the bracelets, where fancy-shaped sapphires, round-shaped diamonds and cabochon tourmalines are exquisitely paired in a graceful, harmonious balance that guarantees a comfortable fit.

Magnifica Celestial Sky, platinum high-jewellery secret watch set with 103 blue buff-top blue sapphires (~ 11,44 cts), 10 tourmaline beads (~ 27,90 cts), 779 round brilliant-cut diamonds (~20,90 cts).

Timeless, feminine elegance defines the spirit of the Diamond Swan watch, created as a set with the namesake necklace. An emblem of feminine beauty and softness, the swan was a recurrent presence in Art Deco art, conveying the same sense of timelessness elegantly telegraphed by this High-Jewellery creation. Epitomising the outstanding ingenuity of Bulgari’s designers and artisans, this one-of-a-kind timepiece features a dial concealed by a 7-carat facetted rock crystal. The transparent cover cannot only be easily read through, but also creates enchanting light reflections contributing to the magic appeal of this watch. Its unique splendour is further enhanced by the bracelet graced with a cascade of diamonds in different cuts juxtaposed with mother-of-pearl inserts that appear to be floating in mid-air thanks to a special construction developed at Bulgari’s High Jewellery atelier in Rome.

Magnifica Diamond Swan, platinum high-jewelry watch set with 6 round brilliant-cut diamonds (~ 6,14 cts), 12 mother-of-pearl inserts (~13,56 cts) and pavé-set diamonds (~23,31 cts).

Created to match the necklace bearing the same name, the Baroque Spiral watch celebrates the audacity, bravery and ultimate sensuality of the Baroque movement, which deeply influenced the Roman art and cultural heritage. The spiral geometry, symbolising life and evolution, is the main protagonist of this extraordinary timepiece on which curling baroque motifs triumphantly entwine with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, radiating ultimate harmony and grace. The joyful, sophisticated flamboyancy of the timepiece is exalted by the rock crystal covering the dial and creating enchanting light reflections. Rock crystal is a transparent variety of the silica mineral quartz that is specially valued for its clarity. Every stone has its own identity and unique features.

Magnifica Baroque Spiral, 18kt rose gold high-jewellery watch set with 10 cabochon-cut rubies (~2,32 cts), 8 cabochon-cut blue sapphires (~2,81 cts), 8 cabochon-cut emeralds (~2,41 cts) and pavé-set diamonds (~13,84 cts).


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