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Bovet 1822 x Rolls-Royce: two bespoke tourbillons, with polished or hand-engraved, filled with blue lacquer white gold case (44 mm), Amadeo Convertible System: reversible, pocket, or pendant watch on chain or necklace, table, or dashboard clock, manual-winding tourbillon with 5-day power reserve, hand-made Caleidolegno wood marquetry dial with Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture, blue aventurine or miniature painting reverse dial, aluminum and titanium dashboard holder.

Rolls-Royce introduces an utterly unique coach-built “Boat Tail” commission that integrates 100% bespoke Bovet timepieces into the dashboard. Based on a true commission model, Boat Tail represents a collaborative exploration of luxury, design and culture between Bovet 1822, Rolls-Royce, and the commissioning clients. The mounting system for the timepieces in the dashboard has never been done before and required years of research, as well as extensive testing (vibration, temperature, humidity, and even automotive crash tests). Equipped with an incredible five days of power reserve, the mechanical tourbillon timepieces from Bovet are the perfect choice for the dashboard installation as they are designed to remain precise even when kept in the vertical position.

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Since the beginning of motorized vehicles, time and the automobile have been inextricably linked. Timepieces have always had a place in the world of the automobile, either to measure speed over distance or to ensure that the owner always had the correct time. But watches and cars have never been as linked as they are now. Today, for the first time ever, two tourbillon timepieces from Bovet 1822 have been engineered, designed, and developed in parallel with the production of a coach built Rolls-Royce. Using the revolutionary and patented Amadeo system, these timepieces can transform from a wristwatch to a pocket/pendant watch to a desk clock and… that’s right, a dashboard clock. Born in the mind and heart of a Rolls-Royce and Bovet 1822 collector, the concept was to design and produce a bespoke Rolls-Royce and two unique Bovet 1822 timepieces, one for himself and one for his wife, that go hand in glove. Three years in development, Bovet 1822 and Rolls-Royce accomplished something never realized before in either industry.

As the mechanical tourbillon timepieces are meant to be mounted in the car as dashboard clocks, this changed the development completely as now they had to be considered part of the car. As a result, the holder and timepiece — all 51 components engineered and manufactured by Bovet — had to be tested like any other part of the car for vibration, security, safety, and more. No other timepiece has ever undergone such scrutiny and testing – up to and including crash tests. Bovet 1822 was challenged to develop timepieces that could be worn on the wrist and instantly converted into dashboard clocks, mounted into a special holder that slots into the car itself.

Bovet has a long history of creating pair timepieces for worldwide collectors. Conceived to be completely original, the two tourbillon timepieces, one for the husband and one for the wife, use newly designed 18K white gold 44mm cases, precision tourbillon movements, and special dials on both faces. Using the above-mentioned Amadeo system, which was invented by Mr. Raffy and is patent protected by and exclusive to Bovet 1822, these timepieces are reversible and can be converted without any tools.

The gentleman’s timepiece is high polished while the lady’s timepiece is ornately engraved then filled with blue lacquer, entirely done in Bovet 1822’s in-house artisanal workshop. Both timepieces feature a Caleidolegno hand-applied wood marquetry front dial, using the same exact wood from the Boat Tail, with the name of each owner on the dial, along with a hand-sculpted and hand-engraved statue of the Rolls-Royce “Spirit of Ecstasy” on the tourbillon bridge. This statue represents several weeks of work from the artisans in Bovet, fashioning the 18K gold by hand all day every day. The wood marquetry is accomplished by one expert artisan who has worked with wood his entire life. On the reverse side, the dials are even more personalized. The masculine timepiece features an aventurine dial with the owner’s sky chart overlaid on top. The feminine timepiece features a miniature painting of a flower bouquet on a mother-of-pearl dial, done by one single artisan who specializes in this métier d’art. The flower bouquet theme is a historical hallmark from Bovet 1822’s long history making ornate and highly-decorated pair watches, and this concept was chosen by the owner and personalized by Bovet 1822.

In addition, both reverse dials have hand-engraved bespoke sculptures of the coachbuilt Boat Tail, lacquered to match the color of the car, with miniature painting for the details (wheels, door handle, mirrors, and more). Getting the color exactly right was difficult, but Bovet was aided by the relationship between Rolls-Royce and Bovet. The sculpture of the car is amazing in its detail and is a true and accurate representation of the coach-built car – a true work of art accomplished by Bovet’s artisans. As a finishing touch for this side of the dial, the name of each owner’s “better half” is engraved on the tourbillon bridge. Weight was a real concern for this project, as there were restrictions from Rolls-Royce from the start – Bovet was given a maximum weight for the timepieces and the holder which could not be exceeded. In watchmaking, weight is rarely an issue for a complicated timepiece, so the decision was made to reduce the case size as much as possible, to 44mm, which necessitated creating an entirely new case.



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