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Combining for the first-time rainbow’s seven colors, Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow, with King Gold or white gold case (43 mm), set with 102 baguette-cut precious stones (~6.8 cts), bezel set with 48 baguette-cut precious stones (~4.4 cts), gold dial set with 30 baguette-cut precious stones (~1.1 cts), automatic tourbillon manufacture caliber HUB6035, gold bracelet set with 304 baguette-cut precious stones (~23.6 cts). Unique pieces.

Since 2017, Hublot has been setting its watches with all the colors of the rainbow. However, the watch brand has never combined all its seven colors in one piece. Until now! Two exceptional High Jewelry pieces adorned with the full rainbow spectrum, from the case to the dial and to the bracelet. Two Big Bang Tourbillon models made from King Gold or white gold, which allow a glimpse beneath the sapphire to reveal the fascinating automatic tourbillon manufacture movement.

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While Hublot is now completely synonymous with its Art of Fusion, the watch brand is also a master of the Art of Color. It excels at imbuing all the materials it uses with color, from those it has built expertise in, such as sapphire, to those it has patented, like vibrantly colored ceramic. With a Pop Art spirit and a penchant for bright tones, Hublot loves its watches to really show their colors. Juxtapositions, gradations, contrasts, no Pantone is out of reach – not even the palette required for “Rainbow”. While the Rainbow trend has recently taken the fashion world by storm, for Hublot, this love of polychromy is anything but fleeting – unlike the rainbow itself – with the first Big Bang Rainbow released in 2017.

This piece totals almost 36 carats, with 484 invisibly set baguette-cut stones of seven different types to echo the seven visible colors of the spectrum: bright red rubies, fuchsia pink sapphires, ultraviolet amethysts, topaz in Klein blue, leaf green tsavorites, lemon yellow sapphires and bright orange sapphires. Two striking creations with generous dimensions of 43 mm; two unique pieces crafted from King Gold or white gold, with the integrated bracelet further reinforcing the visual impact, as the graduated spectrum of colors radiates outwards from the bezel to the bracelet.

The color gradation is expertly executed, subtle yet captivating. It would be impossible to choose a favorite color or stone. It must be said that, when it comes to perfectly combining and harmonizing colors, Nature knows best. The continuous transition between the seven types of stones further accentuates the piece’s artistic appeal. To reproduce the perfection of Nature takes 1200 hours of work, selecting the stones, choosing their colors, cutting them and setting them to ensure the perfect gradation of colors.

Nothing is left to chance in this work of art, including its mechanism, a manufacture movement entirely designed and manufactured in-house. It features a tourbillon at 6 o’clock which is no less striking than the piece itself: self-winding, with a micro-rotor visible on the dial side, and three bridges made from transparent sapphire. Once again, Hublot has fused innovation with expertise, combining Haute Horlogerie and Haute Joaillerie in a truly stunning watch.

Price: USD 790,000



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