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Tudor announces a major new partnership with Alaïa – a visionary concept revolving around action sports. This bold and enduring collaboration, which includes the Alaïa Bay, Alaïa Lodge, Alaïa Chalet and Alaïa Wake Surf, follows in the footsteps of other partnerships for which the watch brand is known.

Launched in 2015 by Adam Bonvin, Alaïa was conceived following a surfing trip to Hossegor in France. His dream: to recreate that typical surfing and action sports atmosphere at the heart of Valais, Switzerland and share the values associated with it. Several years and investments later, this new concept, which is almost unrivalled in Europe and the world, is now finally seeing the light of day with a rich and varied range of activities. A perfect fit for Tudor’s signature, #BornToDare, and a bold project that links perfectly with a bold watchmaking brand. These shared values are brought to life in various settings, with the Tudor brand visible not only in the project’s common spaces, but also on the coaches’ outfits at Alaïa Bay, for example. This partnership has several aims, since the idea is also to hold event-based brand activations throughout the year that fit in with each entity’s opportunities.

A Tudor watch lives, breathes, and transports you to the microcosmos. Technical in all its components, tested down to the smallest detail with a dedication bordering on obsession. Dive into the movement. Aesthetics and performance fit for the most demanding of products, designed for endurance as much as for pleasure. Although it is the eye that judges and the heart that races, time must in no way diminish its precision mechanics. Exquisite materials, durability and strong design make each watch a unique item encapsulating outstanding expertise. In the same way that Tudor develops and produces its uncompromising watches using the purest watchmaking tradition, the Alaïa group applies this same vision when creating its surfing equipment.

Located in the heart of Alaïa Bay, the Factory is a magical place where surf lovers can discover the secrets behind the board making process. A series of rooms links together the various steps in the process: from choosing the shape and colors, to sanding, all accompanied and guided by an expert craftsman known as a “shaper”. An astounding place that will enchant purists and amateurs alike.

Alaïa Bay Located in Sion, Valais, Alaïa Bay recreates the same surfing emotions as in the ocean.

Key Points

  •  8,300 m2 pool
  •  100m-long waves
  • 1 wave every 10 seconds
  • Up to 20 surfers per pool (2 pools) during each session
  • Waves of up to 50 cm for beginners and up to 2 m for experts
  • Energy consumption of 400 kWh per hour. Consumption is equivalent to that of a 6-person cable car. 

Alaïa Chalet Located near Crans-Montana, this chalet dedicates over 5000 m2 of space to action sports such as skateboarding, scootering, trampolining, gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, as well as event skiing and snowboarding.

Alaïa Wake Surf Situated in Le Bouveret, this haven for watersports offers you the possibility to escape for a wakeboarding session on Lake Geneva. Its prime position allows visitors to enjoy the sunsets and to extend the evenings on board La Barge du Léman, a former remnant of the Expo.02, for concerts and theme nights.

Alaïa Lodge Situated in the heart of the Crans-Montana resort, Alaïa Lodge provides 144 beds across 12 double rooms, 3 family suites and 19 dormitories sleeping 4 to 10 people. This hotel is a perfect combination of Alpine ambiance, urban style and Alaïa spirit.



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