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Ninety is a new luxury concept located in the heart of Mayfair. Conceived as a progressive
relationship between product and experience, the brand aims to combine the most sought after and
rarest of watches and jewellery with tailored, exemplary service; all housed in a beautiful Mayfair
boutique. The project is owned by Peter Harrison, and operated by his daughter Tilly and her business
partner Ben Cleary, the jewellery expert. The two are determined to depart from a conventional sales
approach and instead aim to engender longstanding and two-way relationships with their clients – acting
not only as the predominant destination for seekers of pre-owned Richard Mille pieces and high
jewellery, but also as a trusted and specialist resource, and point of reference to service any client
requirement within the luxury market.

The boutique itself is a reflection of this distinct approach; ensconced within the most exclusive retail street in London, the design eschews all traditional norms-orientated towards are laxed and immersive experience for customers. The displays are minimal yet invariably impressive; trading cluttered quantity for striking quality, and the pieces themselves are showcased throughout the store in a series of private and intimate spaces.

Ninety opens in the heart of Mayfair.

The impression and feel are one of a private Mayfair apartment, rather than a typical transactional retail store; in the words of Project Designers B.A.D Studios “the objective was to create a modern-day retail aesthetic whilst maintaining traditional features in keeping with the residential feel of the interiors”. In a collaborative effort alongside the bespoke interior designer, Interiors by Kitty, their overarching vision was to create an aesthetic which is at once sophisticated and timeless, underpinned by a comprehensive heritage, hand-crafted finish”. In fact, the heart of the boutique lies beyond the main entrance, in the elegant lounge at the rear, where clients can sit comfortably and look through an array of treasures in private, and downstairs where a hidden, intimate bar showcases their latest artwork for sale in a haven away from the outside bustle.

The impression and feel are one of a private Mayfair apartment, rather than a typical transactional retail store.

Part of the Richard Mille EMEA group, and designated as the official and exclusive pre-owned retailer in Europe and the Middle East, Ninety represents an evolution in the rapidly emerging, but currently murky pre-owned market. A reputable and trustworthy destination, which houses its own Richard Mille trained watchmaker and workshop, along with a team of experienced specialists from all aspects of the luxury market, Ninety is the place to curate, grow or sell your collection with confidence, and in comfort.



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