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Maurice Lacroix is the official sponsor of Red Bull Dance Your Style. This innovative competition attracts dancers from around the globe, keen to show their best moves to an assembled audience. Like modern-day gladiators, their fate is decided with a flick of a card: red or blue. Ultimately, the audience must choose.

The Swiss watch brand chose to be the official sponsor of Red Bull Dance Your Style as it provides an exciting medium for engaging with its clients, the so-called Generation Z. These individuals are ambitious, competitive, connected and urban, characteristics that Maurice Lacroix and Red Bull Dance Your Style both share in common. Maurice Lacroix can often be seen in numerous cities around the globe, courtesy of its recent partnerships with Mahindra Racing, King of the Court and the BMW Berlin-Marathon. With their shared passion for banging beats and unique moves, Maurice Lacroix and Red Bull Dance Your Style make the perfect team.

Based in the Swiss Jura, Maurice Lacroix is very serious about watchmaking, but it also knows how to have fun. The brand has a track record of participating in various arenas, engaging with ambitious individuals who appreciate quality watches. Furthermore, the company continuously looks to deliver new products that meet the aspirations of its driven and socially aware clients. Indeed, in the near future Maurice Lacroix will be announcing some new sustainable projects.

Place de l'Europe in Lausanne, Switzerland on September 2021

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a competition where the best Street Dancers from around the globe dance-off, eager to show their moves on stage. Red Bull has long been associated with various genres of dance. Clearly blessed with foresight, the popularity of dance has grown exponentially with dance events now taking place around the globe.

This is the first time a watch company has entered into the world of competitive street dance, upholding Maurice Lacroix’s reputation for being innovative. This latter trait is one of several characteristics the watch brand shares in common with Red Bull.

Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, is clearly enthusiastic about this new partnership. He remarks, “Teaming up with Red Bull and supporting a major event such as Red Bull Dance Your Style, provides us with an opportunity to convey our common values such as creativity and precision. We both speak to the same public: young, dynamic, passionate and urban individuals. We are delighted to be involved in this exciting competition and we look forward to seeing the best entrants master the beats and dazzle us with their moves!”

Place de l'Europe in Lausanne, Switzerland on September 2021

Participants perform in front of an audience that judges competitors simply by brandishing a red or blue card. Events will be held in several prominent cities around the world before the finalists travel to the World Final and put it on the line. Success or failure? It’s up to you. Hip Hop, House, Popping, Waacking, Tutting, Voguing – you decide! The DJ will select the playlist from recent hits to popular classics, and then the entrants need to improvise and surprise. Feel the beat and rule the dance floor!

Maurice Lacroix will invite entrants to participate in an online audition showcasing their finest dance skills. Dakota and Nadia, acclaimed dancers and members of the ML Crew , will judge the entries and pre-select the best. With various prizes up for grabs, it’s time to show your talent. Good luck!

About Red Bull Dance Your Style
Red Bull Dance Your Style is a global street dance event series with a unique battle for mat. From
hip hop to house, to locking to popping – dancers participating in Red Bull Dance Your Style will
need to ‘wow’ the crowd and ultimately win their vote. Testing freestyle and musicality skills through
unpredictable mainstream tracks ranging from recent global hits to classic beats, Red Bull Dance
Your Style will have the crowd deciding who will rule the dance floor.



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