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Marking the next chapter in fine watchmaking, the Swiss brand Greubel Forsey commits to 100% plant-based watch straps by 2022 to challenge the outdated habits of the industry becoming environmental changemakers.

For an industry that lays its foundations to tradition and antiquity, ironically the greatest obstacle to innovation is time. The lack of resources in our present day, paired with the time it takes to conquer resistance means that the rate of a greener metamorphosis is a slower path less travelled.

Sculptors of time and sculptors of change

To consider watchmakers as sculptors of time, Greubel Forsey strives towards their own unique vision, as opposed to their established competitors. As choreographers of the hours that lie ahead of us, the Swiss watchmakers, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey respectively refused to believe that everything had already been invented in watchmaking.

Instead, in their quest for excellence and authoritative craftsmanship, the duo have now announced that it will completely eliminate animal leather from its straps. As of 1 January, 2022, all straps will be crafted from high-quality plant-based materials, marking the first watch and the first brand of its kind to earn such an accolade.

A long-term commitment to ethical change 

A testament of almost two decades of tenacity, Greubel Foresey famously introduced a manifesto of seven fundamental inventions which set a new standard for the brand’s sustainable vision for the future of watchmaking.

Through their commitment, as of next year all models will debut the ethically durable straps, using the same specifications as its animal predecessor. The emphasis on aesthetics, wear and resistance remains as essential as ever with multiple colorways available. 

A new chapter begins for not only Greubel Forsey, but for the future of fine watchmaking. As the differentiation between a leather model and the new reputable model is near impossible to differentiate, Greubel Forsey sets the tone to put the past behind us for a more conscientious at no cost to the luxury frontier of our beloved wristwatches.



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