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Launching this October in London, an extraordinary collection of 160 wrist and pocket watches will be on display to the public, celebrating four decades of watch collecting. 

Watches are undeniably extensions of our personality. We each favor and crave different models and brands that best pique our aesthetic and demands as we turn to our wrists to navigate the passage of time. While the most prodigious maison remains in eternal discourse, a selection of the world’s finest watches is set to be displayed at London’s Design Museum.

And what constitutes the finest? In an inaugural display, titled ‘The OAK Collection,’ the handiwork of four decades of watch collection, featuring 160 wrist and pocket watches. A display of extremely rare and exclusive models will be on view to the public for free, collated over the years by an anonymous connoisseur. 

The exhibition is set to be divided into 11 sections, each described as a different chapter in time, showcasing the collector’s penchant for unique models from simple, three-handed timepieces to more nuanced and complicated models.

Courtesy of London Design Museum

A  variation of personalised pieces to limited-edition, the remarkable portfolio includes the makers of Patek Philippe, Francois-Paul Journe and Kari Voutilainen. Notably, the collection boasts the largest number of Patek Philippe models once owned by an American baner, Henry Graves Junior, who commissioned a $24 million Supercomplication, designed to rival competitor James Ward Packard for the most complicated watch in the world. 

Following the launch at Kensington’s Design Museum from 8-14 October this year, the collection will later embark on an international tour to showcase the mastery of this spectacular assortment, paying homage to the intricate history of this delicate craft. 

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